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Vision Services and Optical Store

Now Accepting New Patients! Same Day Appointments Available.

5750 Pineland Dr, Ste 330A, Dallas, TX 75231

MON-FRI 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

From Eye Care to Eyewear: Your One-Stop Vision Destination

The HHM Health Rosewood Vision Clinic and Optical Store offers comprehensive eye care for all ages that is affordable and tailored to your unique needs. With access to an experienced optometrist, we ensure that you receive personalized attention for early diagnosis and treatment of various eye conditions. Our Optical Store, located conveniently in the clinic, features a wide array of fashionable, competitively priced glasses, designed to cater to diverse styles and preferences. Your vision is our priority, and we’re here to help you see the world clearly while looking your best. 

Our Services

  • Comprehensive eye exams: Our complete eye exam includes tests for:
    • Blurry vision
    • External eye diseases- conditions such as dry eye, styes, red eye, pink eye, and allergies
    • Cataracts- cloudy opacities in the eye’s lens
    • Corneal diseases- conditions that affect the outer layer of the eye
    • Macular degeneration- progressive deterioration of central vision in the eye
    • Diabetic retinopathy- diabetes-related damage to the eye’s blood vessels and retina
    • Glaucoma- eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, leading to vision loss
    • Tear function- whether the eyes produce the correct amount and quality of tears to maintain good eye health
    • Pediatric Amblyopia- vision disorder often known as lazy eye
    • Hypertensive eye disease- high blood pressure related damage to eye
    • Foreign bodies- anything that gets in the eye
  • Eyeglass prescriptions
  • Contact lens renewals of an existing contact lens Rx with no changes
  • Referral base for surgical care
  • Eyeglasses, including sports glasses and sunglasses

Optical Store

In September, HHM Health, in partnership with Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth, opened a brand-new Optical Store within our Rosewood Vision Clinic. We offer a wide range of pediatric and adult glasses, including sports glasses and sunglasses, all competitively priced and made available to patients who cannot afford them. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in making informed decisions that cater to your optical preferences and ensure exceptional visual clarity and comfort. 

Your Lenses Your Way

The Optical Store offers an extensive and diverse array of lenses, carefully curated to meet your individual needs and preferences. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process, assisting you in making an informed decision that best aligns with your optical preferences and ensures optimal visual clarity and comfort.

Polycarbonate Lenses
20% thinner and lighter

Trivex Lenses
Most durable then and light lenses available

Hi Index 1.67 Lenses
30% thinner than Standard

Darkens in the sun- Available in Grey or Brown

Polarized Lenses
Targets Sun Glare

Tinted Lenses
Sun or Fashion

Lined Bifocals
Wide Reading Easy to Use

Lined Trifocals

Progressive Lenses
No-line Multifocal Lenses

EXTEND Single Vision Lens

Single Vision EXTEND us an individualized Single Vision lens designed to alleviate eye strain and fatigue, featuring a customized light add power in the lower portion of the lens to best suit the needs of the wearer. It is able to be created using most lens materials. Features include:

Aurora Progressive Lens

We believe that the Aurora Progressive stands out as the top choice among progressives available in its price range. With its digitally surfaced and Rx compensated lenses, along with a generous intermediate zone and a sleek, adaptable design, the Aurora delivers premium progressive performance without the associated premium price.

Insurances Accepted

The Optical Store does not accept insurance. HHM Health accepts the following insurance for eye examination services by the optometrist:

Amerigroup, Humana, Baylor Scott and White, Aetna-Medicaid-Better Health, Aetna PCP (must be an HHM Health Provider), Bright Health, Parkland, Molina, Superior, Texas Health Women, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Well Med, Medicare, Medicaid, Cigna, Tri Care -Humana


Meet Dr. Chau Nguyen, Lead Optometrist

Dr. Nguyen earned his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston, Texas, in 1985, and has amassed over 30 years of extensive clinical and academic expertise as an optometrist in both private practice and federal government service. In addition to his wealth of experience, he holds the position of Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry at the Marshall B. Ketchum University, Southern California College of Optometry in Los Angeles, California. Furthermore, Dr. Nguyen has been appointed as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry at the Pacific University, College of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon. 

Dedicated to delivering quality patient-centered care, he emphasizes compassion, appropriateness, and effectiveness in promoting health, preventing illness, and treating diseases. Dr. Nguyen is board-certified to practice comprehensive optometry, showcasing expertise in diagnosing, managing, and treating refractive disorders, eye diseases, eye injuries, and low vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most patients, we recommend a routine annual eye exam.  

For most patients, the annual eye exam will allow doctors to determine if your contact lenses or glasses need to be replaced. However, some patients need to replace their contact lenses more often than others. Your eye doctor will discuss the best course of action for you.  

During an eye exam, the optometrist will perform various tests and screenings to determine how well you can see and look for any signs of disease. Prepare to have your eyes dilatated, which will affect your driving and reading vision. Plan to be in the office for about 45 minutes to an hour 

All forms of eye surgery, contact lens prescription changes. 

Vision Services and Optical Store

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