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Richardson, TX

Richardson, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas! Today, Richardson is home to 119,469 residents and features many great corporations, including Cisco Systems, AT&T, Version and Fujitsu. The University of Texas in Dallas also finds its home in Richardson.

There is always something happening in Richardson as well, which is one of the many reasons why HHM Health loves working in Richardson!

The wonderful city of Richardson has a rich history in the state of Texas. In the 1840s, settlers from Tennessee and Kentucky began to inhabit the Richardson area, joining Comanche and Caddo Indian tribes. These families clustered together around an area that would later be named Breckinridge, which is now where Richardson College lies. After the Civil War, a railroad running through Breckinridge was constructed and the town began to grow like never before. The site was renamed Richardson in honor of the secretary of the railroad as the owner of the railroad declined to have the town named after him. The town was officially founded in 1873, and, over time, businesses and residents moved to the area. Today, Richardson is one of the best places to live in the United States and is one of the largest cities in Texas.

The city of Richardson has come a long way since it was founded and has many exciting events for residents and visitors alike throughout the year. Richardson hosts the nationally recognized Wildflower! Festival each year in May and the highly regarded Cottonwood Arts Festival during the first weekend of May and October. The city has also been praised for its strong economic stability and management. The city of Richardson is one of constant amazement and admiration and HHM Health could not be happier to serve this city!

At HHM Health, we strive to further the great community of Richardson through our work in the medical field. At our medical centers, HHM’s healthcare professionals provide quality healthcare to all their neighbors with love, compassion and respect. We are fully equipped to handle any situation related to the health of an individual and provide affordable healthcare to all patients in need.

Around Dallas, areas like Richardson, while fascinating and fantastic, have suffered from a healthcare crisis for a number of years, and our goal at HHM Health is not simply to help it but instead to solve it. With 39% of the Dallas population uninsured, it is important for people to receive the health care they need without drowning in medical bills served by hospitals. HHM Health guarantees safe, affordable healthcare for all regardless of background, race, ethnicity or gender.

We offer services that include family practicewomen’s healthpediatricsdentalvisionbehavioral health, and even nutrition. If you need it, we provide it! HHM Health values compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and servant’s hearts, demonstrating how much we truly care. HHM Health is constantly training our healthcare professionals to ensure they use the newest medical practices. As the Richardson community continues to grow, we hope to open more centers in Richardson to continue to serve the community and those living in it!