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Diet and Nutrition Services

Now Accepting New Patients! Virtual Appointments Available.

5750 Pineland Dr, Ste 348, Dallas, Texas 75231

MON - FRI 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Trust Our Team for Exceptional Diet and Nutrition Services

Your body’s inherent design revolves around nourishing itself through the joy of food. Our guiding philosophy revolves around the belief that every individual can adopt a dietary regimen that not only enhances their overall health but also bring genuine enjoyment to the food they are eating. During each session, HHM Health’s aim is to empower you with a profound understanding of how the foods you consume directly correlate with your well-being and how they impact any medical conditions you may have been diagnosed with or deemed at risk for.

We are dedicated to equipping you with the necessary knowledge and tools you need to be confident in the food choices you make. Together, we will build a diet plan that is right for you based on your unique medical profile, food preferences, cultural background, time constraints, and available resources.

Our Registered Dietitian Assists Patients in Person or Virtually With:

Insurances Accepted

HHM Health accepts the following insurance:

Amerigroup, Humana, Baylor Scott and White, Aetna-Medicaid-Better Health, Aetna PCP (must be an HHM Health Provider), Bright Health, Parkland, Molina, Superior, Texas Health Women, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Well Med, Medicare, Medicaid, Cigna, Tri Care -Humana

One-on-One Appointments

A one-on-one session with the Registered Dietitian is a 15 or 30 minute virtual or in person session at our Vickery location that will include:

Beginning on Thursday, September 28, 2023, the following fee schedule will be applied to all one-on-one visits with the Dietitian:

FREE Prenatal Nutrition Appointments

A one-on-one prenatal nutrition appointment with the Registered Dietitian is a 15-minute session that will include:

Group Classes

1-hour group classes will be offered weekly at our Vickery location. If you are overwhelmed by the asks and activities you need to do to care for your chronic condition, you are not alone. Our nutrition group classes offer you a space to learn about diet and nutrition for your medical condition alongside other people struggling with similar health concerns. In these appointments, you will learn, practice, and exchange tips and best practices with other individuals with the same condition as you. Current class offerings include:

To sign up for a group class, call 214-221-0855 ext. 3052 or email

Upcoming Cooking Class

On a monthly basis, our Registered Dietitian leads Cooking Classes, providing practical nutrition education, promoting healthier eating practices, encouraging preventive health measures, and nurturing community involvement. 

Healthy Habits Cooking Club

May 29 at 1:00 pm 

As a class, we will be preparing Mediterranean Microwave Fish With Green Beans, Tomatoes, and Olives. Plus, we will discuss tips for maintaining healthy eating habits throughout the new year. 

To sign up for a FREE cooking class, call 214-221-0855 ext. 2010 or scan this QR code

Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring a food log of everything you eat and drink for three days. If your doctor has asked you to keep a log of your blood pressure or blood sugar, please bring this log with you as well.  

At HHM Health, our primary objective is to make our services accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we provide a sliding scale discount that takes into account your income, potentially reducing the cost of an appointment to as low as $15. Please note that initial and follow-up appointments have the same cost. For those whose service cost is covered by insurance, they may have a co-pay charge for their appointment.  

Meeting with the Dietitian for nutrition counseling is a little different than meeting with your doctor. The purpose of the appointment is for you to leave equipped to make healthy diet choices on your own. To do this, the Dietitian will interview you about your diet and lifestyle habits, provide education on relevant nutrition topics, help you set realistic nutrition goals, and collaborate with you to develop a nutrition plan.    

You are returning to the Dietitian to follow-up on the nutrition goals you set in your first appointment. You will work with the Dietitian to overcome any obstacles to reaching your goals and/or set new goals to work towards. This is also a great time to ask any nutrition-related questions that have come up since your last visit.  

The amount that you see the Dietitian will depend on the conditions you are being treated for and the number of visits covered by your insurance. The amount of covered Dietitian appointments varies from insurance to insurance, so you will need to reach out to your insurance company to learn how many sessions are covered by your specific plan. Most patients are able to follow up with the Dietitian every 3-6 months to continue nutrition counseling and keep accountability toward nutrition goals. If you desire to meet with the Dietitian more or less often, we can work out a plan that works best for you! 

Diet and Nutrition Services

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