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Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas, is one of the largest cities in the United States with a population of over 1,304,000. However, despite its growth, the city had humble beginnings along the Trinity River in 1844 with its settlement augmented by Swiss and German immigrants. The origin of the name Dallas is uncertain, but it was likely dedicated to settler Joseph Dallas or vice president George Mifflin Dallas. The commercial growth of Dallas was stimulated by the arrival of railroads in the 1870s. Huge wholesale markets developed with many stores serving the American Southwest and soon becoming internationally known.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Dallas Cotton exchange was gaining international attention and became one of the world’s largest cotton markets. Similarly, the city of Dallas was the top manufacturer of the cotton-ginning machinery. Food processing and textile manufacturing were also growing markets in the booming city. Immigrants from around the world contributed to the growth of the city of Dallas.

After World War II, air-craft manufacturing plants were established in the areas, followed soon by electronic and automobile-assembly plants. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the downtown area, the city of Dallas was once again thrust into the international spotlight. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport was established in 1974, bringing more people into the city than ever before.

Since the beginning of its history, Dallas has been the place to be with a booming economy and lively atmosphere. It has become known as a city of diversity and culture, attracting millions of tourists each and every year, and has inspired a generation of artists, rappers, singers and entertainers, such as Usher, Chris Bosh and Vanilla Ice.

At HHM Health, we strive to further the great city of Dallas through our work in the medical field. At our medical centers, HHM’s healthcare professionals provide quality healthcare to all their neighbors with love, compassion and respect. We are fully equipped to handle any situation related to the health of an individual and provide affordable healthcare to all patients in need.

The city of Dallas, while fascinating and fantastic, has suffered from a healthcare crisis for a number of years, and our goal at HHM Health is not simply to help it but instead to solve it. With 39% of the Dallas population uninsured, it is important for people to receive the health care they need without drowning in medical bills served by hospitals. HHM Health guarantees safe, affordable healthcare for all regardless of background, race, ethnicity or gender.

We offer services that include family practicewomen’s healthpediatricsdentalvisionbehavioral health and even nutrition. If you need it, we provide it! HHM Health values compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and servant’s hearts, demonstrating how much we truly care. HHM Health is constantly training our healthcare professionals to ensure they use the newest medical practices. As the city of Dallas continues to grow, we hope to open more centers around the Dallas area to continue to serve the community and those living in it!