HHM Health Pharmacy

5750 Pineland Dr, Ste 344, Dallas, TX 75231

HHM Health’s 340b Pharmacy provides HHM Health patients lower out-of-pocket costs, including enhanced reduced pricing. HHM Health Pharmacy was opened to continue to fight health disparities our vulnerable community face and build a healthier community. We are able to work closely with our providers to meet patient needs.

Drugs we can dispense are:
-Outpatient drugs (discharge prescriptions and prescriptions)
-Over-the-counter drugs (with a prescription)
-Clinic administered drugs

HHM Health Pharmacy is available to HHM Health patients only, which means that we’re able to provide you better service and care! 

If you would like more information on HHM Health Pharmacy, call 

Ask us about switching your preferred pharmacy to HHM Health Pharmacy at your office visit!

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