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Imaging Center and Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At HHM Health, we are spreading awareness and offering our services to those battling breast cancer and those who want to take preventative testing. HHM Imaging is proud of its fantastic imaging center that is opening this fall. HHM Imaging will diagnose patients faster and more accurately than ever before. This center features a brand-new, state of the art mammogram machine, an X-ray machine, a bone density scan, and a sonogram machine.

While all the new equipment in our imaging center is fantastic and functional, the real highlight is the mammogram machine. With the mammogram machine, we can detect breast cancer early, which is when it is in the most treatable stage and treatments are less extensive. Since 1990, mammograms have helped reduce breast cancer in the United States by forty percent. Mammograms detect breast cancer lumps up to two or three years before you or your primary health care provider would be able to feel them.

HHM Health wants to help those who have breast cancer or may have breast cancer, so we help all patients, regardless of if they have insurance or not. Our goal is to reduce the healthcare crisis, which is why we help provide affordable health care for everyone. During October, we invite patients to make an appointment at our imaging center as early detection is the best protection. If diagnosed, we’ll work with you to plan treatments and help you fight breast cancer. You’re not alone in this fight. HHM Health is here to help you through this process.

At HHM Health, we strive to further the great communities around us through our work in the medical field. At our medical centers, HHM’s healthcare professionals provide quality healthcare to all their neighbors with love, compassion, and respect. We are fully equipped to handle any situation related to the health of an individual and provide affordable healthcare to all patients in need.

Around Dallas, residents have suffered from a healthcare crisis for years, and our goal at HHM Health is not simply to help it but instead to solve it. With 39% of the Dallas population uninsured, it is important for people to receive the health care they need without drowning in medical bills served by hospitals. HHM Health guarantees safe, affordable healthcare regardless of background, race, ethnicity, or gender.

We offer services that include family practice, women’s health, pediatrics, dental, vision, and behavioral health. If you need it, we provide it! HHM Health values compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence, and servant’s hearts, demonstrating how much we truly care. HHM Health is constantly training our healthcare professionals to ensure they use the newest medical practices.

If you or a loved one need any of our services, send them to HHM Health. We will be more than happy to provide them with the care they deserve and be your medical home.

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