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Why Choose HHM Health to be Your Women’s Health Center?

Choosing a women’s health center is an important decision due to the desire to put yourself in the hands of trusted medical professionals. At HHM Health, we make the decision easy by offering services to everyone at a low cost. Our goal is to make sure you feel safe and well taken care of when you walk into our Women’s Health Center. That is why we offer a variety of services for our patients, including, but not limited to, the following:

Family Planning Services

Our family planning services promote the well-being and health of families. Our goal is to help prevent unintended pregnancies by the education and promotion of contraceptives, thus allowing for the proper planning and timing of pregnancies. When it comes to birth control, one style does not fit all, so it is important to talk to a doctor to find what works best for you. Our family planning services include physical exams, counseling, education on contraceptives, testing for pregnancy, HIV and STDs testing, birth control supplies, sterilization and HPV vaccines.

If you need any of these services, contact HHM Health today.

Gynecological Services

Our physicians at HHM Health are the foremost providers of gynecological services in Dallas County. Women trust our knowledge, experience and the unmatched personal care every patient is offered. We understand women’s health requires personal attention, which is why we spend time with our patients to fully understand their body. We provide a variety of gynecological services, including examinations, pap tests, endometriosis care and treatment, menopause management, birth control, hormone replacement therapy, hysteroscopy and so much more. If you need of any of these services, call to speak to a representative today!

Obstetric Services

If you are an expecting parent, choosing an experienced and trusted obstetrician is one of the first important decisions you will make for your baby. You need a medical practice that is comfortable and welcoming, which creates an environment to allow you to ask questions or express concerns. At HHM Health, our experienced physicians offer routine and high-risk obstetric care. HHM Health offers a variety of obstetric services, including counseling, prenatal care, delivery care, postpartum, breastfeeding education, childbirth prep class, and more. If you need of any of these services, make the right choice and choose HHM Health for all your obstetric care today!

Cervical Cancer Screenings

There has been an increase in cervical cancer cases across the United States. It is always important to catch cancer cases early, which is why at HHM Health, we offer cervical cancer screenings to everyone. These screenings are usually part of a woman’s health check-up, and there are two types of tests offered: Pap tests and HPV tests. For both tests, the doctor or nurse will collect cells from the surface of the cervix. The Pap test checks for cancer or abnormal cells that may become cancer later, while the HPV test checks for the HPV infection, which is spread through sexual contact. Screenings have been proven to decrease the number of deaths from cervical cancer, which is why HHM Health promotes and offers these screenings to Dallas county through our Women’s Health Center.

We are proud that our Women’s Health Center offers a variety of services to Dallas County. With these services and more, we hope to provide safe, comfortable care to the women of Dallas county. If you need any of these services or have any questions, please contact us today!

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