All HHM Health locations will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 in observance of Juneteenth. We will resume normal hours on Thursday, June 20.

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What makes HHM Health different from other health centers?

HHM Health, formerly Healing Hands Ministries, was founded to provide compassionate, accessible, and high-quality medical care to the Dallas community. We understand the critical difference exceptional medical care can make between life and death, employment, school, and disability. Texas is currently the most uninsured state in the nation, with Dallas being the second least insured large city in the country.  Because of these numbers, HHM Health strives to provide high-quality medical services at an affordable cost. We provide a sliding scale fee for those without insurance based on your income, so we can ensure everyone is getting quality healthcare, no matter the cost. Our bilingual staff is equipped Here are just a few services HHM Health offers for the Dallas communities:

Women’s Health Center

The Women’s Health Center’s trusted team of professionals offers a full array of prenatal care, birth control counseling, cervical cancer screenings, pap smears, routine examinations, obstetric and gynecological services and family planning services. In 2021, HHM Health exceeded the national average in Cervical Cancer Screening compared to the rest of the Federally Qualified Health Centers in the nation. HHM Health accepts private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and uninsured patients. Currently, HHM Health is hosting a Supportive Pregnancy Group for women between 10-20 weeks. This program allows moms to receive prenatal care in a group environment and spend time with other moms-to-be. There is no other program like this one in the Dallas area and it provides the opportunity for friendships and support to grow!


At the Pediatric Health Center, protecting our youth is important to us! At this center, our doctors provide a full range of services, including annual check-ups, sick visits, immunizations and even treatment for chronic childhood diseases. In 2021, HHM Health exceeded the national average in Obesity in Children Assessment and Counseling compared to the rest of the Federally Qualified Health Centers in the nation. It is imperative that children get the treatment they need to grow up strong, healthy, and able to attend school.

Dental Services

Most health care centers are not fully equipped to take care of your teeth, but, at HHM Health, our dentists are prepared to provide children, teens, and adults of all ages the best oral care possible. These dentists are highly skilled and offer annual check-ups, x-rays, root canals and crowns. In 2021, HHM Health exceeded the national average in Dental Care compared to the rest of the Federally Qualified Health Centers in the nation. At HHM Health, we believe it is important for everyone to have good oral health because the first thing people notice about you is a smile.

Behavioral Health

Unlike other health care facilities, we have Licensed Professional Counselors who are ready and willing to work with any patient. These counselors are experienced with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and chronic mental health disorders. In the HHM Health’s behavioral health center, counselors help patients to develop a treatment plan so they can continue to live life without the constraints often caused by mental health illnesses.

Vision Services

In HHM Health’s Rosewood Vision Clinic, they have an optometrist and equipment ready to make sure patients have good vision or receive assistance in correcting vision. Our optometrist offers vision care for adults, seniors, children, and teens. You can expect annual eye exams, prescriptions for contacts or glasses and coordinated vision care related to chronic illnesses at HHM Health’s vision center. If you are looking for vision services, look no further than HHM Health for the best vision services in Dallas.


One service that really makes HHM Health unique is the access to a licensed dietitian. Our dietitian is an expert in the use of food and nutrition to promote a healthy lifestyle, control weight gain and manage chronic diseases like diabetes. By having access to a dietitian, you are not only changing the way you eat and think about food, but you are also changing your life. A unique program HHM Health provides to patients is Shared Medical Appointments’ (SMA). SMA’s are group appointments with patients that include a dietician, nurse or doctor, and a care team navigator, who will address diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes, and pediatric healthy weight.

HHM Health is dedicated to providing you the best medical care and customer service for the Dallas, Texas area. Our team of professionals go above and beyond to ensure you are taken care of every step of the way during your health journey. Contact one of our locations today by calling 214-221-0855!

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