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Our New Imaging Center

HHM Health is pleased to announce that we are expanding! HHM Health has officially moved into the third floor of the Northwest Community Center. Our expansion includes our brand-new imaging center, a new pharmacy, and a new optometry chair. At HHM Imaging, our doctors are able to diagnose patients quicker and easier than ever before! Included in our new imaging suite is a mammogram machine, an X-ray machine, a bone density scan and a sonogram machine.

At HHM Imaging, we are excited about all of the new technology in our imagine center. The mammogram machine is particularly important as it can help detect breast cancer early. When we can detect cancer early, the cancer is at its most treatable state and treatments are less extensive and risky. Since 1990, mammograms have helped reduce breast cancer in the United States by forty percent.

Also featured in our new imaging center is a brand new X-ray machine. X-rays are a common imaging test that have been used by physicians for decades. These machines help doctors view the inside of your body without making an incision. This technique is non-invasive and allows doctors to diagnose, monitor and treat a patient’s medical concern. X-rays are primarily used to examine areas where pain and discomfort are prominent, monitor the progression of a diagnosed disease or check how a treatment is working. At HHM Imaging, your doctor will prepare you for an X-ray before it occurs to ensure you know what is happening at all times during the procedure.

A new bone density scan will also be in use at HHM Imaging’s new center. Bone density scans, also commonly known as DEXA scans, help diagnose bone-related health problems or to assess the risk of you breaking a bone. This scan measures the grams of calcium and other bone minerals packed into a bone segment. The higher your bone mineral content, the denser your bones will be. The density of the bone determines the strength of the bone and the likeness of it breaking. Usually, we test bones in the hip, spine, and forearm.

Through this expansion, HHM Health will be able to serve the community of Dallas in a more efficient manner as these new tools will allow for a more careful and accurate diagnosis of our patients. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, please contact HHM Health to schedule an appointment with one of experienced physicians. We will work with you and help you get the treatment that you deserve.

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