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Expanding Our Reach: Introducing CeCe’s Place and HHM Health at South Dallas

HHM Health is thrilled to announce the opening of two new clinics: “CeCe’s Place, a Maternal Medical Clinic” at Hope Cottage staffed by HHM Health providers and “HHM Health at South Dallas,” a Women’s Health and Family Medicine clinic on Holmes Street. These additions to our healthcare services are a reflection of our ongoing commitment to providing accessible, comprehensive care in our community.

CeCe’s Place, a Maternal Medical Clinic at Hope Cottage: A Haven for Maternal Health

CeCe’s Place is a dedicated clinic where expectant mothers can receive comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care. Opening on January 22, it’s a sanctuary designed to support mothers-to-be with everything from routine check-ups to specialized care. Our maternal health services at CeCe’s Place are particularly vital considering Texas’s ranking as one of the worst in maternal health outcomes, especially among minority and underserved populations.

Addressing Texas’s Maternal Health Crisis

Texas ranks among the worst in the nation for women’s health outcomes. During the pandemic, maternal mortality and losses related to substance use rose sharply among women of reproductive age. The maternal death rate for American Indian/Alaskan Native (AIAN) and Black women soared, highlighting the severe inequalities in healthcare access and quality of care. Addressing these disparities and improving maternal health outcomes is a critical mission for CeCe’s Place and HHM Health at South Dallas.

HHM Health at South Dallas: Prioritizing Women’s Health and Family Medicine

Opening at the beginning of March, HHM Health at South Dallas will provide crucial Women’s Health and Family Medicine services. This clinic is equipped to provide a variety of services, addressing the unique health needs of women at different life stages. From reproductive health to chronic disease management, our family medicine practice is ready to provide comprehensive care.

Why Women’s Health?

We recognize that women have unique and diverse health needs. Providing specialized care is key to addressing these needs effectively. We’re committed to creating an environment where women’s health concerns are addressed with the utmost care and understanding.

Our Mission: Ensuring Healthcare Access for Everyone

These new clinics further HHM Health’s mission to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone in our community. We believe in the fundamental right to health and are dedicated to expanding our services to meet this goal.

At HHM Health, we are excited to embark on this new chapter of expanding healthcare services. The opening of CeCe’s Place, a Maternal Medical Clinic at Hope Cottage staffed by HHM Health providers and HHM Health at South Dallas clinics, plays a significant role in our journey to enhance and broaden our healthcare offerings. We look forward to welcoming you and contributing to a healthier, more vibrant community. For more information, please visit our main website.

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