Lakewood, TX

Lakewood has always served as an important suburb of the Dallas community. Located just Northeast of downtown Dallas, Lakewood, with diversity and history like no other, is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Dallas. In the 19th century, as the city of Dallas continued to grow through the means of economic prosperity, many families began to leave the city and move to East Dallas, which eventually evolved into a town with its own mayor, city council, and infrastructure. In 1890, East Dallas was annexed as a way to increase the population of the city of Dallas.

However, this annexation did not slow the expansion of East Dallas and the Lakewood area, but instead expanded it further towards White Rock Lake. The lake would become one of the popular recreation areas within the city and soon beautiful homes and country clubs were developed in the area. Lakewood earned its name due to its location between the wooded, hilly section between Abrams Road and White Rock Lake, which became the main water supply for the city of Dallas.

In 1926, the Lakewood Shopping Center would become one of the largest economic hubs, which would be taken advantage of by major employers like the Ford Motor Company. After the Depression and WWII, housing and shopping centers moved North, causing Lakewood to fall into urban decay in the 1960s. However, a turnaround began in the 1970s when urban pioneers were attracted to the area due to the low prices of homes and the architectural style. Neighborhood groups were formed and began working together for change, which was soon achieved and encouraged families to move back to the area and set roots. Today, the Lakewood area is once again Dallas’s most popular place to call home!

Through our work in the medical profession, we at HHM Health hope to contribute to the excellent community of Lakewood. HHM’s healthcare specialists deliver great healthcare to all of their neighbors with love, compassion, and respect at our medical centers. We are completely prepared to manage any scenario involving an individual’s health, and we offer cheap healthcare to all people in need.

Areas like Lakewood in Dallas, while fascinating and great, have been dealing with a healthcare issue for years, and our objective at HHM Health is not only to help, but to solve it. With 39 percent of Dallas residents without health insurance, it’s critical that people get the care they need without drowning in hospital expenses. HHM Health ensures that everyone, regardless of their origin, race, ethnicity, or gender, has access to safe and affordable healthcare.

Family practice, women’s health, pediatrics, dental, vision, behavioral health, and even nutrition are among the services we provide. We have it if you need it! Compassion, advocacy, respect, excellence and servant’s hearts are valued at HHM Health, showcasing how much we actually care. Our healthcare specialists at HHM Health are always being trained to guarantee that they are using the most up-to-date medical procedures. We plan to open more centers in Lakewood as the community grows, so that we can continue to serve the town and its residents!

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